About Us

RoboGolfPro® is a revolutionary robotic swing trainer that allows you to “feel”  the proper movement of the body and arms in your swing. RoboGolfPro® doesn’t force you into someone else’s swing. RoboGolfPro® teaches you YOUR BEST swing.

Swing Analyzation & Muscle Memory

First the RoboGolfPro analyzes the athletes body and swing motion to create a model of their perfect swing. It takes many parameters into account such as flexibility, height and weight. It uses video analysis to map data points onto the athlete’s body. The RoboGolfPro takes all this into account and then creates a model of the individual’s perfect swing.

Then the athlete holds the club while the swing motion is performed by the RoboGolfPro. 

This allows the athlete to feel their ideal swing motion and develop muscle memory. The RoboGolfPro will exaggerate the ideal swing to overcorrect for the athlete’s current faults leading to fast development of the perfect swing.