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Louis Kelly

To say the RoboGolf Pro changed my life is an understatement. Spending time with Scot now only changed my perspective of my swing but saw immediate results on the range and then on the golf course.


Sam Kirkman

Impressive! Scot the golf instructor/inventor was able to effectively eliminate my slice and significantly increase my driving distance, which is a remarkable achievement in just one lesson. Well done! My golf buddies were like ok we get it, Quit talking about it. Ha!! And I beat my boss twice on our company golf trip the very next day. Thanks again Scot!!!!


Uni Mayesh

I took my first lesson with Scot/Robo Golf at Oaktree golf club. The next day I was able to be on 3 on Par 5 and I was able to hit my Driver 200 yards!!! I've gone through many golf pro lessons and I am in shock by his coaching technique. Scot changed my swing and attitude it was completely at another higher level that I've ever experienced !


Craig Chagaris

I’ve been fortunate to have lessons with some of the very best instructors, Butch Harmon, George Gankas, professionals at my home course at the Olympic Club…all extremely good. Yesterday I had the best lesson I ever had. Over two hours of one on one instruction in a language I could understand. Not so technical that my eyes glazed over. What it accomplished is taking me, my swing, my learning style and making it about me using the best learning aid I’d ever seen.


AIRTEC Pneumatics, Inc

I have personally seen people who have never swung a golf club learn within 1 hour what would have taken at least 10 lessons without the RoboGolfPro. Scot is an awesome Golf instructor!


Marc Greene

It is truly a revolutionary way to learn the golf swing by feel and repetition. Scot is an amazing teacher and the nutty professor which we need more of. If you have children, be sure that their first swing is on RoboGolfPro, might as well start with perfect! If you have many bad golf habits (like me), this is your solution.

See All 200+ Five Star Reviews