The RoboGolfPro Comes to Glen Abbey

"The revolutionary swing training aid RoboGolfPro was launched at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville on Sept. 17. Students hold onto the grip of a club as a computer guides them through the ideal swing for their body size, while being overseen by a certified teaching professional. RoboGolfPro CEO and Director of Instruction Scot Nei, who also teaches at Pebble Beach, was on hand to show off the $180,000 machine at the Glen Abbey Academy in Oakville, Ontario, the first facility in Canada to get the RoboGolfPro. Golf & travel writer Ted McIntyre was one of the lucky few to get a lesson on the hottest training aid in the world right now—one that's catching on quickly among PGA and Senior PGA Tour professionals. The machne features two monitors for students to watch what's going on as they train, and can be programmed to duplicate any number of professional swings, from Adam Scott to Tiger Woods to Jim Furyk. And there's no substitute for actually FEELING what the perfect swing is like in order to try to duplicate it, which explains the many dramatic improvements from those who have trained on it—even for just one session."

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