Vaughn Taylor Wins AT&T Pro Am in Pebble Beach

Image courtesy of AP

Image courtesy of AP

The 2016 AT&T Pro Am in Pebble Beach concluded on Sunday with a big win for Vaughn Taylor. After edging out Phil Mickelson, Vaughn took the victory where he also regained his tour card - meaning that Vaughn will be heading to the Masters in April.

Sunday's victory was not only a win for Vaughn Taylor, but also a huge win for RoboGolfPro. Vaughn has been training with Scot Nei and RoboGolfPro for about three years after discovering the training tool at Pebble Beach. After experiencing quick improvement, Vaughn purchased his own RoboGolfPro for his home, where he spends hours doing reps on the RoboGolfPro.

Following Vaughn's win RoboGolfPro received and internationally publicized endorsement from the tour player.

"... it's helped me a ton. It's a great training aid. And a few years ago I was first alternate here and I didn't get into the tournament, and just kind of found myself down on the end of the range all the time, and my curiosity got to me and I had to go check it out. Scot has been so good to me since and he's really helped me and he's been a great guy. The Robot has helped me a ton and I appreciate everything it has done for me. It's a great product. I recommend it for everyone of all ages and sizes [..]. It's an awesome training aid"

On behalf of the entire RoboGolfPro team we want to say Congratulations to Vaughn and we are excited to continue working with him and wish him the best of luck for the remaining season.