Martyn Roberts

Martyn Roberts | 马丁·罗伯特 | Mr. Golf

Martyn's golf career commenced as an enthusiastic 11 year old who simply fell in love with the game. By the age of 17 he had won  the Australian Junior Championship and was a member of the 2 man Australian team who were victorious in the world Junior Championships in Scotland.
In his amateur career he went on to win many more titles and represented Australia and his state of Queensland.  At the age of 20 he embarked on a professional career.  In his first Tour event he was in the last group on a Sunday and was paired with Ryder Cup player Chip Beck.
In front of national television in New Zealand he finished 3rd and his professional career was off to a great start.
As a professional Martyn went on to play on International tours such as the Australasian, Canadian, Asian and two seasons on the European tour, competing against the best in the world.  Martyn has had multiple tournament wins and has achieved several course records. His career was interrupted at the age of 26 when unfortunately, he fractured his right wrist. Although he re-commenced tournament golf, he was never quite the same because of the limitations of his injury.  Being a student of the game, he was saught after by his fellow professionals into giving them instruction and advice.
Martyn's goal is to be a true professional, a good player and a fine teacher, as well as being a master club fitter and repair specialist. Martyn has only been in China a short time, but is already achieving amazing results with his pupils and is highly regarded in the industry.
The academy in Shanghai is a reflection of his professionalism and 30 years of golfing experience.
Australian PGA Member (AAA accredited)
Train-Brain Certified Instructor (UK)
Golf Psych Certified Instructor (USA)
Trackman Certified-Level 1&2
K-Vest Certified-Level 1&2
Mitchell Master Club Fitter and Repair Specialist
PING Certified Fitting Specialist
AimPoint Express Certified Instructor
在业余时代马丁继续代表国家和他的家乡昆士兰参加并赢得更多赛事,20岁正式转入职业。他在第一次职业比赛就进入了决赛轮的领先组,与莱德杯成员Chip Beck同组竞技。新西兰国家电视台见证了他以第三名完成比赛,这无疑成为他的职业生涯一个绝佳的开始。
Mitchell球杆装配大师 球杆修复专家
Martyn Roberts