Stephen Boccieri – CEO & President – Boccieri Research and Performance Center, Scottsdale

“A long time principal engineer for one of the world’s largest petrochemical and nuclear companies, Stephen Boccieri, turned his childhood passion and near-scratch skills playing golf into solid business. In 1994, he founded Engineered Golf, which offered R&D services to the golf industry. Steve was one of the first engineers to modernly analyze the nuances between different golf-club shafts by profiling and dynamic load testing. Then, for more than three years, he combined his scientific aptitude and spirit to innovate with golfers’ biomechanics (human motion) – and the concept and

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Blake Isakson -Certified RoboGolfPro Instructor/KVest Certified – Boccieri Research and Performance Center, Scottsdale

The golf swing can be a confusing sequence of body rotations, plane lines and arm manipulations, and not one golf swing fits every player. However, there are a few fundamentals that are true for all players to perform at their highest level. Through an understanding of human movement and learning behaviors it is now possible to shorten the learning curve and crack the code to your individual success. Whether you are on Tour or a weekend golfer the passion to play better golf is what drives everyone who has picked

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Jeff Shaw – Director of Instruction – RoboGolfPro Academy Seattle

Jeff Shaw – Director of Instruction. TourBound Golf Academy

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Jeff Shaw was born in Pasadena California in 1960. He grew up in Arcadia California where he was introduced to golf at age four by his father. He played high school golf at Arcadia and later played college golf at The University of Southern California. Following college Jeff entered into the PGA program while working at San Gabriel CC.

Later, after obtaining PGA membership, Jeff decided to play full time. He participated in events on

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Jon Andrea Nodèr

Name: Jon Andrea Nodèr
Born: 04.24.1987 in Scuol (Graubünden) SwitzerlandWent to primary 1993-1998 and secondary 1999-2003 school in Scuol.

Attended sports business school from 2003-2006 at Insititut Otalpin in Ftan Graubünden.

2007-2010 apprenticeship as PGA-Pro at Golf and Country Club Erlen (Thurgau) Andrea D. Mantoan was my head coach.

2011-2012 played and retained tour card on Alps Tour.
2013-2014 played Pro Golf Tour with the highlight being a 2nd place at the Casino San Remo Open in Italy.

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Quinn Griffing



Quinn Griffing – Director of Instruction and Core4 Academy Powered by RoboGolfPro® Coach

Quinn Griffing

With an outstanding background as a professional player and over 30 years of teaching experience, Quinn Griffing brings both his passion and his expertise to the game, helping you believe & achieve!

Quinn Griffing is a champion golf professional, including notable achievements in the PGA Canadian Tour, eleven PGA National Championships, the 2004 PGA Championship (Whistling Straits), 2010 Winter PGA Sr. Stroke Play Champion, 2010 Champions Tour First Stage Champion, three PGA Tour School finals, and training with famed instructor David Leadbetter. Quinn has earned four Indiana Section Player of the Year Awards

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New Location: Mike Schy Golf Performance Institute


“Every good golf swing has it’s own style and is unique. But all good golf swings have a number of things in common.”

Many years ago, a man named Homer Kelley wondered exactly what those things were. Nearly thirty years later his book, The Golfing Machine, appeared and revolutionized golf teaching. The Golfing Machine became one of the most highly-regarded and authoritative instructional texts in golf history. It has provided countless instructors with the familiarity and understanding of the golf swing to thousands of students.

When you learn from me, you

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Joe Caruso – Caruso Golf Center, San Antonio

Joe Caruso has been involved in the development of top amateur, junior and professional PGA players for over 20 years. He began his professional career by playing on the South African and Nationwide tours.

In 2004, Joe founded Joe Caruso Golf Academy at Olympia Hills Golf Club and then moved on to build an independent facility in North San Antonio. Over his 20 years of teaching highly competitive clients, Joe believes that one never stops learning about the development of the golf swing or the ever-changing strategy of playing the game.

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Ron Tickle

Since 2010 resident golf pro at the St Andrews Golf Company

Spent 15 years coaching in Austria, Switzerland & Germany

Over 30 years member of the PGA great Britain

S & T authorized instructor

NLP Mind coach

Tathata movement specialist

Certified Flowmotion coach

Certified Vector green reading coach