RoboGolfPro Instructor Clint Rice – Making Headlines at US Open

RoboGolfPro Instructor and PGA Member Clint Rice is making headlines today after he fell victim to a controversial rule during practice for this weekend’s US Open at Chamber’s Bay.

While playing a practice round with fellow Australian and US Open player Geoff Ogilvy, Clint Rice who is an alternate at this years tournament, was approached by a tournament official after a couple holes to then have his clubs confiscated. According to USGA rules, alternates are not permitted to play practice rounds of the course itself, although they are welcome to use all training



RoboGolfPro on Twin Cities Live

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.03.45 PMThis week the RoboGolfPro was featured on the popular Twin Cities Live segment “Em’s Adventures.”

Follow the link HERE to see Em take on the RoboGolfPro at the Perfect Swing Academy in Plymouth.

At Perfect Swing An introductory lesson is 90 minutes and is $225, but for Father’s Day that lesson is reduced to $199.

Make sure to head to your closest RoboGolfPro location such as; Glen Abbey Golf Club, RoboGolfPro Academy in New York City and Tourbound Academy in Chicago to take advantage of their exclusive Father’s Day pricing.





RoboGolfPro on CTV News

On May 26th the only RoboGolfPro in Canada was featured on CTV News’ “Consumer Alert” with Pat Foran. Filmed on location at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Pat Foran took a lesson on the RoboGolfPro and experienced immediate improvement. Featuring instructor Sean Casey and Lori Heller of RoboGolfPro Canada and Heller Productions, Pat highlighted the best the RoboGolfPro has to offer! After a 30 minute lesson on the RoboGolfPro Pat experienced an improvement in his swing, citing the development of muscle memory which assisted in helping him achieve a

Image courtesy of Fox Sports



Joe Buck of Fox Sports – RoboGolfPro changed my golf life

Veteran sports commentator Joe Buck of Fox Sports is getting ready for his role anchoring the upcoming US Open at Chambers Bay by taking a lesson on the RoboGolfPro at Pebble Beach Academy and based on his testimony – he’s ready to take the swing!

“Believe it or not, your lesson changed my golf life! Today I hit balls and kept the club head outside hands and killed it!”

(Image Courtesy of Fox Sports)

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Grand Opening of RoboGolfPro Academy NYC


New York, NY- March 2015- It’s time to élevate your swing! Manhattan’s own Élevée Golf, a high-end tailor specializing in custom golf clothing is adding a luxury golf experience to their showroom with the help of RoboGolfPro, Élevée, Full Swing and BodiTrak. This is the only golf venue of its kind in the world and Lori Heller of Heller Events plans to create many more. Members of the media are invited to book their demos in the

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RoboGolfPro Academy Seattle on King 5 Evening Magazine


Jeffrey Shaw of RoboGolfPro Seattle was featured with the RoboGolfPro on King 5 Seattle’s Evening Magazine. Check out the full video here…

AT&T 30th Pebble Beach Tournament – Fan's Eye View



The RoboGolfPro at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

The Pebble Beach Golf Academy at the Pebble Beach Resorts has 2 RoboGolfPros, putting us in the heart of the action for one of the most exciting and entertaining PGA Tour events, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Pro-golfer, Vaughn Taylor who owns his very own RoboGolfPro had a fantastic week and finished in the Top Ten. CBS Sports featured the RoboGolfPro in the Pebble Beach Golf Academy while showcasing his play on the final day of the tournament.

We also had the pleasure of hosting the AT&T Bloggers on the RoboGolfPro.



RoboGolfPro in Boccieri state-of-the-art Research and Performance Center.


Boccieri Golf – maker of award-wining equipment such as the Tour-proven Heavy Putter – announces that it now has a RoboGolfPro in their state-of-the-art Research and Performance Center.

Coinciding with significant growth in demand for the entire portfolio of innovative Boccieri Golf products, the new arrival of the RoboGolfPro technology fits perfectly in at  their 9,000square-foot facility, located at 15816 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop,Scottsdale, AZ.   The RoboGolfPro enhances customer interaction. “We really feel like we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry in this vibrant golf community, which will continue to

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The Joe Caruso Academy Installs Two RoboGolfPros!

Joe Caruso understands the powerful impact the RoboGolfPro can have on a student’s swing.   He knows that the fastest way on earth to improve a swing is by using the RoboGolfPro.  He loved the results he saw so much that he  bought two RoboGolfPro’s for his Academy.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid golfer, Joe Caruso and his staff can customize your individual program to maximize your golf game.  Joe is fully equipped with the RoboGolfPro so that he can help you in all parts of the game including

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Game On! Making Golf Accessible

Not everyone plays golf quite the same way. Tiger Woods swings a club differently than Jack Nicklaus, and Jack Nicklaus’s game is nothing like Arnold Palmer’s.

Golfers with disabilities add their own twist to the sport: They use adaptive equipment that allows them to participate on the same courses, while following the same rules as everyone else.

For Tom Houston, learning how to golf has been life changing. He was paralyzed in 1980 after a 40-foot fall from a scaffolding at work.

Shortly afterwards, he became an advocate for disability rights, even designing

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