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A RoboGolfPro Testimonial

Testimonials are important because they are unbiased reviews from those who have tested the product out. They give people insight into what makes the product work and how it works. We know that traditional advertising tells us what we should think and feel, but a review from a friend or someone we respect will always speak louder than the advertisement in the magazine. We were so happy with one of the latest reviews of the RoboGolfPro that we decided to make a blog post out of it.

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Coolest Golf Pro In America

It is another week to participate in Back9Network‘s Coolest Golf Pro in America Contest RoboGolfPro and Scot.W.R.Nei are so happy to be supporting Folds of Honor in the process.

If Scot win’s he is going to donate his winnings to Folds of Honor. This is an amazing organization that helps out the families of our troops and veterans. Folds of Honor helps to create scholarship programs for those who are returning from war, and for the children of those who are still fighting to give us our freedom.

Scot could not think

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Joe Caruso – Caruso Golf Center, San Antonio

Joe Caruso has been involved in the development of top amateur, junior and professional PGA players for over 20 years. He began his professional career by playing on the South African and Nationwide tours.

In 2004, Joe founded Joe Caruso Golf Academy at Olympia Hills Golf Club and then moved on to build an independent facility in North San Antonio. Over his 20 years of teaching highly competitive clients, Joe believes that one never stops learning about the development of the golf swing or the ever-changing strategy of playing the game.

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Ron Tickle

Since 2010 resident golf pro at the St Andrews Golf Company

Spent 15 years coaching in Austria, Switzerland & Germany

Over 30 years member of the PGA great Britain

S & T authorized instructor

NLP Mind coach

Tathata movement specialist

Certified Flowmotion coach

Certified Vector green reading coach