Alex Munoz

Co founder of KM Academy, Alex has been teaching and coaching Junior golfers since 2003. He has been Director of Teaching and Director of Golf at two of the largest and best golf operations in Mexico, Club de Golf Mexico and Yucatán Country Club. In this time he has worked with hundreds of junior players and many elite players. Out of this group many of them have been successful at the junior and college levels, while others such have gone on to play on the major profesional circuits. Such is the case of Alejandra Llaneza (LPGA), Gaby López (LPGA), Sebastián Vázquez ( and Mauricio Azcué (PGA Tour Latinomerica) all former junior players under Alex´s program at Club de Golf Mexico. These results speak to his ability to influence juniors into a world of discipline and excellence. Day in and day out Alex Works with his students to help them improve at golf helping them in becoming the best they can be on and off the golf course.

Without a doubt Alex´s trajectory as an accomplished player himself is a key ingredient to his talent as a coach and teacher of the game. After an impressive Junior career in Mexico, Alex atended the University of Oklahoma on a golf scholarship where his leadership took him to be captain of the team in 1995-1996. He then played on professional golf on the Nike Tour as well as on the Canadian Tour.